The joimax® procedure is an innovative option for alleviating a herniated disc 

The joimax® procedure, also known as TESSYS® (Transforaminal Endoscopic Surgical System), is a method to perform a lumbar discectomy surgery. This effective treatment option for herniated disks provides for a faster recovery and less pain after surgery. The surgery involves enlarging the natural openings in the spine to take the pressure off the nerves.

With similar results as traditional minimally invasive surgeries, the short-term benefits make this option appealing for those who want:

  • Relief from current symptoms
  • Quick return to work
  • Less pain medication
  • Only local anesthesia instead of undergoing general anesthesia

While thousands of doctors worldwide utilize the joimax® treatment, Dr. Paul Houle is the only doctor in Massachusetts to provide this procedure. Having successfully performed over 300 joimax® surgeries since 2015, Dr. Houle has an advanced fellowship and has trained more than 100 doctors on this technique in the United States.

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